nove lune e mezza


Director:  Michela Andreozzi

Length:  90mins

Genre:  Comedy

Language:  Italian with English subtitles

This film is presented by EDIT.


The dynamic Michaela Andreozzi is both Director and Actor in this highly entertaining and cleverly thoughtful comedy. Michaela plays Tina, a woman at an age when she feels her body-clock ticking, but alas she can’t seem to get pregnant. Her sister Livia, on the other hand, has chosen not to have children and instead dedicates herself to her career as a concert violinist. When Tina’s gynaecologist suggests her sister Livia become a surrogate and carry her child, a chain of highly comical events are unleashed.

Although entertainment is at the centre of this film’s creed, it brilliantly raises many salient questions around family, womanhood, careers and maternity. Andreozzi brilliantly balances hiliarious situational comedy with poignant thematic topics. Italy has traditionally been quite conservative (at least on the surface) in its views to family. This film gently nudges the discourse with an accomplished charm.


  • NOMINATED Best Supporting Actor (Stefano Fresi), Nastri D’Argento Awards 2017

  • NOMINATED Best Song, Nastri D’Argento Awards 2017

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Ortigia Film Festival 2018

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Rome Film Festival 2017




The Empire Cinema, Wellington

Sunday 10 November, 10.30am

Saturday 16 November, 6.00pm

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