Our Opening Night Film 'Latin Lover' sold out last night!!! So we are also going to screen 'Those Happy Years' & 'The Wonders' on Opening Night and use all the screens at The Empire Cinema in Island Bay.

Thank you for all the support.

Those Happy Years / Anni Felici

Lead actors Kim Rossi Stuart and Micaela Ramazzotti are brilliant in this film. They play a married couple living in the freedom-seeking 1970s. He is the narcissistic artist and Ramazzotti as his wife is well ... devoted.  This is a semi-autobiographical film with the director's own father being the famous sculptor, Luca Luchetti and having a career similar to the film.

The film had a Special Presentation at the London Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and Micaela Ramazzotti was nominated for Best Actress and the film won Best Musical Score at the Golden Globes in Italy.

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The Wonders / Le Meraviglie

This was the Winner of the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014.  It is a curiously resonant tale that affirms the importance and inherent mystery of the natural world.

The tone hovers mysteriously between dream and reality and there's a taste of Ermanno Olmi's pleasant classic 'The Tree of Wooden Clogs' as well as a bit of nostalgic hippy-dom.

A beautifully shot film with some striking images.

I want to attend this film on Opening Night - BOOK HERE