The Bridgeway

11.15am - Misunderstood/Incompresa

Set in a dysfunctional family of creative artists it's hard to miss the autobiographical baggage of the Director. This is rollicking black humour - making it more universal and enjoyable told with lively verve and a lot of imagination.  Charlotte Gainsbourg is fantastic!

1.30pm - The Wonders

We watched this for the second time a few nights ago at The Academy. The magic realism in this piece is poised and seamlessly engages with the documentary-nature of the narrative. Challenging and deeply thoughtful.

4.00pm - Orphans & Kingdoms

The Academy

11.00am - Misunderstood/Incompresa

1.30pm - Holy GRA

This is the only documentary to have ever won at The Venice Film Festival. Beautifully crafted, humanistic and original.

6.30pm - Zoran, My Nephew The Idiot

This award-winning film is FUNNY ....surprisingly.

The Monterey

12.30pm - Orphans & Kingdoms

7.45pm - Crossing Rachmaninoff

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