‘Ever Been to the Moon?’ Film Review by Benita Gaddum.

Once upon a time a supercool, super-sexy, superwoman of the Italian fashion world called Guia inherits a farmhouse - quite out of the blue. In the farmhouse lives a cousin Pino, also a handsome and lonely farm manager and his 9-year-old son. Guia soon discovers that she has pretty much inherited them too. The farm is near a small village called Nardo and its summertime.

Guia is the embodiment of nonchalant cool. She is bright, busy, multi-lingual, independent, strong and platinum blonde like a pearl.  She calls the shots and drives a Maserati. She is fashion royalty in Milan about to turn Heidi in the country as, ‘the only heir of sound mind’ to a family estate. But she wants to sell up and get back to work in Milan.


I’ve always dreamed of high fashion in the country, don’t we all? (so instagrammable right). Who the hell wants sensible footwear anyway?  It takes Guia a while to see that homelife in the country is where the heart is. She manages to be both utterly glamourous and down to earth. Love is what she needs. 


Guia wasn’t looking for love, although it does seem that is the only thing in her life she doesn’t seem to have. She doesn’t care a great deal about her dodgy tax evading or bad dealings boyfriend. A few day’s reprieve from the flamboyant, fast paced life in the city turns into an unwanted few more in the country to sell her family estate.  All the while some hilarious family issues, a few new flowerpots, a few more gorgeous outfits and cocktails prepared by the duelling bartenders in the delightful and colourful village square, a fling with a widower and fanciful friends made, farming in high heels, cows with neck scarves and internet dating stories makes the cracks and rough edges of the farmhouse seem to disappear.


Truth is the farmhouse in all its rugged country splendour is charming. The characters all have their own intertwining quirky tales and are completely loveable; the whole film is like melted butter and marmalade jam on hot toast. It is laugh out loud funny and ignites one’s heart with warmth and appreciation of life with all its eccentrities. It is a rare thing to see a good rom-com. A sparkly feel good film, romantic and funny. ‘Have You Ever Been to the Moon?’ is like the sun, the moon and the stars coming together to create a well-built and vibrant film. This jewel of a film doesn’t look like it was just luck or tidal, it’s made in Italy of course. It looks as though it happened so naturally.  Love like an Italian and all that.


Someone imagines me filling up on rom-com when he is out of town. Why on earth?! We both know he is secretly hoping the best rom-com, like this one, will be saved up for a dark and stormy night spent together.  It’s true I am not into horror or thriller movies while I’m alone. But like I said good, honest, stylish and perfectly corny humour is not that common.  Chick fl… you know what. No! Don’t ever call it that. This is not that. Romantic comedy, artful grown up fairy tales, especially set in Italy, yes. We all need a happy ending.


Dear Friends, boys and girls alike ‘Ever Been to the Moon?’ is too good to keep to myself.  It would be like eating a whole punnet of bluff oysters or a pavlova alone. The kids thought it was glorious, they giggled away and I had died and gone to Italy. Mummy me was on cruise-control all day (being nonchalant cool like Guia) and I did notice that all living things in our house were in an undeniably good mood for a decent time after the film had finished.  

The country/village girl in me loved ‘Ever Been to the Moon?’ like a seagull must love the sun. It will absolutely brighten your week. If the little village called Nardo is anything like the moon, warm up my space ship baby. First I’ll just be swinging into Milan for some new heels. xx