This is pretty exciting everyone! In the lead up until opening of “The Corsini Collection: A Window on Renaissance Florence” in just over a week's time, you can sign up for a Continuing Education course and gain a deeper understanding of the exhibition. Senior Curator Mary Kisler will take participants on a journey into Renaissance art and ideas drawing on the Corsini’s collection which includes remarkable artworks by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Pontormo, Rigaud and more.

Course outline

Session 1: Setting the Scene – The city of Florence, its history and its people

Through the eyes of the Corsini family, this lecture will provide an overview of the city of Florence, the leading families of the time, and in particular the Medici, encapsulated within the world view of the time.

Session 2: The Corsini family across time

The history of the Corsini family; their rise to fame, spiritually, politically and socially, on both the local and broader European stage. Although they began their relationship with Florence in discreet dwellings in Oltrano in the 14th century, they went on to build the only Baroque palace in the city, serving as a magnificent backdrop to an art collection that still remains today.

Session 3: The Collection

This final lecture will focus on the history of the collection, providing insights into some of the major works coming to Auckland, including original paintings by Botticelli and Caravaggio, as well as introducing a number of Italian artists less familiar to New Zealand audiences. This lecture will also consider the role of the Corsini family today, and the lengths the family were prepared to go to protect and retain what is now the only private collection of art in Florence.

Wed 6 Sep 2017 — Wed 20 Sep 2017
Weds 6, 13 and 20 Sep

Auditorium, lower ground level
$150 Members, $190 non-Members

And it is only $50 to become a Member of the Gallery! It makes for a perfect gift for somebody especially if you add on the +1 for $15.  You can go to any of the exhibitions as many times as you like.

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