• The Empire Cinema (map)
  • 122 The Parade
  • Wellington, Wellington, 6023
  • New Zealand

This recent Italian box-office success won Best New Director for Edoardo Falcone at the recent Italian Oscars and tells the hilarious story of an atheist surgeon with a God-complex, a charismatic priest, a dysfunctional family and an announcement that takes everyone by surprise!

Tommaso (Marco Giallini, Blame it on Freud, LIFF14) is a successful, respected surgeon who also happens to be conceited, proud and arrogant – and a staunch atheist. However, Tommaso’s pedestal is set to be removed from beneath him when his only son Andrea brings the family together for an entirely unexpected announcement: he wants to become a priest! Tommaso refuses to accept this newfound Catholicism, and is further horrified when his wife Carla and daughter Bianca undertake a renaissance-of-sorts themselves. A string of hilarious situations ensues as Tommaso goes undercover to investigate and bring down the charismatic priest Don Pietro (Alessandro Gassman, Basilicata Coast to Coast, LIFF2010) who he believes “brain-washed” his son and caused upheaval in his family.