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You know what I always say! Italy does not make enough romantic comedies! They have the romance; they have the comedy; they have the good-looking protagonists. So what’s the problem?
There’s no problem for director Paolo Genovese, director of the 2015 Sei Mai Stata Sulla Luna? (Ever Been To The Moon), who also wrote the screenplay for this thoroughly satisfying film starring the thoroughly satisfying Raoul Bova.

Giulia (Liz Solari) is young and successful, works for a top fashion magazine and splits her time between Milan and Paris. She’s a kind of “all work and no play” gal with a boring boyfriend until she inherits a farm in Puglia and has to go there to settle the estate, intending to sell it ASAP.
Renzo (Raoul Bova), a widower with a 7 year-old son has been doing the farming, but after a romp in the hay, Giulia fires him and quickly sees how much “fun” it is doing things herself, like herding cows back to their stinky stalls at night and collecting eggs from under uncooperative chickens.

Is it predictable? Sure, a little bit. But it’s sweet and romantic and has a great looking couple with a lot of chemistry. And it’s funny. It’s everything a good rom-com should be.
Also stars Sabrina Impacciatore and Sergio Rubini