• Suter Theatre (map)
  • 208 Bridge Street
  • Nelson, Nelson, 7010
  • New Zealand

When a young man played by Daniele Parisi wakes up with an irritating ringing in his ears and a message taped to the refrigerator saying “your friend Luigi is dead”, he sets out to make the ringing stop and figure out who Luigi is. Filmed in black and white, Orecchie is like a daytime version of “After Hours”  with an unnamed Roman guy on a goofy scavenger hunt for answers, all the while sinking into the depths of the kind of absurdity we all face on a day-to-day basis. The airhead fast food clerk, the distracted receptionist, the arrogant professionals; we all hate “those people” even if we’re one of “those people” too and we don’t realize it. Unlike in the movie After Hours, however, one that is portrays a world that is often “weird for weird’s sake”, Orecchie offers method in the madness.


Friday 22 June, 6.15pm 

Wednesday 27 June, 8.15pm

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