I choose to have more time than cash (time to ponder, to swim in that pool I dream about, hang with my beautiful family and friends and look after my babies) That’s mostly why I have chosen to be a stay at home mum, for now. Thing is, reality is, there is still rarely enough time for all that enough of the time. Cash buys time (food and electricity of course, although if there is a head of cauliflower in my fridge, I’ll be ok I think. I could grow that…) But the issue of time is becoming more apparent the more adult I become. We are way too busy. Time is cash.


Somewhere out there in another realm of our world, there are even busier people who formulate mathematical equations that generate cash. Real cash that generates more cash. They are carriers of classified secrets and the weight of the world. They make decisions that may or may not have global catastrophic consequences. Pruning of the planet so to speak. They are the most powerful financiers in the world.  A forest will re-generate but first it’s got to burn down… Decisions made by heartless devils whose heartless hearts go boom for the Stock Markets. What a horrific job. Horribly wealthy, but I’m thinking no hanging and swimming for them (I doubt they would even feel very floaty).


This beautifully adult French-Italian Drama/Thriller/Comedy was so good. I loved it. Tom liked it too (It has a House of Cards-esque feeling to it. Tom likes House of Cards, me too).

It is set in a magnificent hotel on a wealthy section of coast somewhere in Germany.  It’s mysterious, glossy, moody and funny. There is a sensational Classical score which apparently helps for concentration. You need your concentration on. You don’t want to miss a twitch of a monk’s eye. It is a star-studded cinematic experience worthy of my time.


It’s a good story putting 8 Head of State economists together in an (off the star chart) hotel with very high security for the Annual G8 summit. A meeting to decide on a top-secret plan for the future of our planet earth and for humanity.  

There are 3 more guests chosen to stay too. Strangely, a super chilled, ciggy-smoking Carthusian Monk whose name is Roberto Saluce. A female children’s book author called Clair. She’s seductive, fabulous, independent, thoughtful and I’m guessing an insomniac and a cool, random musician guy, he represents a charity of some sort I think.  They all find ways to loosen up (and perhaps even confess) through what is a pretty stressful time, they are after-all only human. So, good. Intriguing and intimate. The suspense. I don’t want to tell you too much and spoil it for you. I loved this film. I absolutely want to see it again. Saluce says there is no such thing as time wasting. So, good.


The Monk has taken a vow of silence. He’s an author too and knows some godly things.  It’s entertaining because no one knows what he has been told or what he is capable of. Perfectly mysterious. He thinks time is a variance of the soul. That time doesn’t exist. I think the hands of my clock travel around far too furiously. Time is not my Monk and I have a feeling I am not going to be allowed into heaven until I have it sorted.


The enigmatic and sympathetic Monk’s real name is Toni Servillo. He played Jep in ‘The Great Beauty’. Servillo obviously knows a good script when he sees one. He chooses good films.

The other guy to mention is Daniel Auteuil. He plays Daniel Roche, Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He is superb.  If the monk represents God of Compassion, Daniel represents God of Money.  What is more powerful, money or compassion? I like both. But how could you live with yourself if you believed in money over compassion, especially in a life and death situation?  I was stoked to see Daniel (I’m on a first name basis here). He’s French and he is very famous in France.  I’ll try not to go on about him because that would be weird.

The impending doom roused to a climax with a mathematical equation and a black dog called Rolf. It was intense. I hid behind my hands. Tom watched for me.

So, in the end there is Maths and Science which I fully believe in but am no expert. Then there is God and though I am no expert I hope is somewhat true. Somewhere in the middle, floating around the sun in absolute ignorant bliss is me. Perhaps it’s true, nothing is random and for now, unfortunately for me, I need to organise my day per the clock.

I need a mathematical equation to fit my life into. Maybe then I would be on time. It would need to fit in a lot. Maybe it could generate a few extra luxuries like scallops to float in my cauliflower soup for lunch today and love and compassion enough to put a kind ending to the squabbling of my devine children.  And the barking standard poodle (He’s French too). I wish he would stop barking at the cattle. They are not thinking of him as much of the threat as he would like them too. I need Saluce’s influence. Silence is lovely. I believe Saluce is right, compassion is the only true frontier worth fighting for.  I’m going to put on my favourite swimsuit now, switch on Monk mode and take the kids to swimming. F. the cash the day is disappearing. Chill, living in the moment.

Hell, yeah.