io e lei


Director:  Maria Sole Tognazzi

Length:  102mins

Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Language:  In Italian with English subtitles


Lesbian protagonists are far from common in Italian films, which makes Maria Sole Tognazzi’s Me, Myself & Her a trailblazer of sorts, albeit one that renders serious relationship issues in a charmingly humorous and universally watchable fashion.

Having spent five years together, Marina (Sabrina Ferilli, The Great Beauty, LIFF 13) and Federica (Margherita Buy, Mia Madre, LIFF 15) are, basically, like an old married couple. But whereas former actress-turned-restaurateur Marina is totally at ease with her sexuality, architect Federica can’t ignore her heterosexual past or the opinion of others. Consequently, the bounds of their relationship get properly tested when a man enters the equation.  

With its travel-brochure depiction of Italy and this attractive couple’s aspirational lifestyle, Me, Myself & Her creates a cinematic world that is easy on the eye.



The Empire, Wellington

Sunday 5 November - 2.30pm

Wednesday 8 November - 7.20pm

Tuesday 14 November - 6.30pm

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