god willing


Director:  Edoardo Falcone

Length:  87 mins

Genre:  Comedy

Language: Italian with English subtitles


God Willing was a box office hit in Italy and director, Edoardo Falcone won 'Best New Director' at the David di Donatello Awards 2015, and you can see why. The films strikes an astute balance between clever writing and a great cast with comic precision. It is not easy feat to poke fun at both the church and atheism at the same time in traditionally catholic Italy.

The brilliant Marco Giallini, plays an atheist surgeon, Tommaso, who has a charmingly dysfunctional family and his own God-complex. His personal lack of faith is challenged by his teenaged son, who falls under the influence of a charismatic young priest (Alessandro Gassman). Tommaso's world is further shaken when his wife and daughter also undergo a renaissance of sorts themselves. Tommaso refuses to accept this newfound Catholicism and attempts to go undercover to expose the priest.

This film represents a very hilarious and contemporary Italian version of wrestling with those old demons - the church and faith. The popularity of God Willing in Italy and in International Festivals is absolutely justified and I particularly enjoyed the amusing and rare blend of silly and smart.


  • Best New Director - David di Donatello Awards 2015
  • Best New Director - Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2015
  • Audience Award - Tokyo International Film Festival 2015



Empire Cinemas, Wellington

Sunday 5 November, 6.30pm

Friday 10 November, 8.30pm

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