Business Amici

We invite you to become a friend of the Festival for 2018. 

If you have a business and would like an ad in the Film Festival Programme, 2 tickets to any Opening and Acknowledgment on our website and Film Festival Programme this year then this is for you - $1000



If you love Italian films, or just films in all their gloriousness, or you love the language and the culture and want to learn more, or you just want to support us, then this is for you: 1 ticket any Opening, Acknowledgment on our website and the 2018 Film Festival Programme - $50


Grazie Mille to everyone that is supporting the Cinema Italiano Festival - and it is a growing list!

Peroni, San Pellegrino, Carpineto, Banfi, Zabu wines, Davines, MOR, Solerno, String Theory, Palace Films, Non Solo Pizza (presenting the Auckland Season), Edit. (beautifully crafted Italian menswear), Studio Italia, Boffi Studio, La Bella Italia (presenting the Wellington Season), Phantom Billstickers, Dante Alighieri Christchurch, Dante Alighieri Auckland, Club Garibaldi, The Italian Embassy in New Zealand, Radio Cartolina, Dish Magazine, Propel Brands, Louisa Gommans, Julian Gommans, Nina Cuccurullo, John Calvert, Colin Cheyne, Alessandra Zecchini, Antonio Crisci, Erica Mark, Nic Hall, Jeremy Taine, Margaret Rotondo, Sanrdo Aduso, Wilma Laryn, Richard Stott, Luca Cipolletta


to discuss opportunities for 2018

please contact: Paolo

Paolo Rotondo

mobile: +64 27 4984308