Questione di karma

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Director:  Edoardo Falcone

Length:  87 mins

Cast:  Elio Germano, Fabio De Luigi, Daniela Virgilio, Isabella Ragonese, Philippe Leroy

Genre:  Comedy

Language:  In Italian with English subtitles


The writer/director of God Willing returns with this brilliant comedy starring two of Italy’s finest talents – Fabio De Luigi and Elio Germano.

Giacomo (De Luigi) is a polite but eccentric heir to an industrial dynasty but he’d rather spend his days lost in his hobbies than run a business. A practicing Buddhist, he is led to believe by a retired French scholar (Philippe Leroy) that the reincarnation of his father can be found in Mario (Germano), a materialistic con-man with a hefty debt. The absurd encounter develops into an unusual friendship, as they find they have more in common than they think.

They’re both lonely and feel inadequate, Mario wants to win back his wife who considers him a failure, while Giacomo wants to find a way to be accepted by his stepfather and half-sister who have always considered him a fool. Finding the common humanity between these vastly different men, Falcone reignites the spark that made God Willing such a smash hit two years ago.


  • Nominated Golden Globes Italy, Best Comedy
  • Nominated Golden Globes Italy, Best Cinematography


The Screening Room, Masterton

Saturday 11 August, 1.30pm

Tuesday 21 August, 6.00pm

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The Bridgeway, Auckland

Sunday 2 September, 8.30pm

Saturday 8 September, 8.00pm

Wednesday 12 September, 8.30pm

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