at war for love


Director:  Pierfrancesco "Pif" Diliberto


Length:  99 mins

Cast:  Andrea Di Stefano, Pif, Miriam Leone, Stella Egitto, Vincent Riotta, Mario Pupella, Aurora Quattrocchi, Rosario Minardi

Genre:  Comedy

Language:  In English and Italian with English subtitles

Brought to you by San Pellegrino & Acqua Panna


Director Pif's At War for Love is a prequel of sorts to his earlier hit comedy The Mafia Only Kills in Summer. In At War for Love we are in 1943 New York, Arturo and Flora are in love, but an arrangement has been made for her to marry the son of a New York Mafia figure. The only way to stop the marriage is for Arturo to go to Sicily and ask flora's father fo rher hand. To pay his way to Sicily, Arturo enlists in the U.S. Army and ends up in the Allied invasion of Italy. Pif has an instinct for stories that have an acute sense of irony, and often silly comedy and yet very clever in his reading of history.


  • WINNER David di Donatello Awards, Youth Jury Award
  • Nominated Best Screenplay
  • Nominated Best Production Design
  • Nominated Best Costume Design



The Screening Room, Masterton

Saturday 11 August, 6.00pm

Wednesday 22 August, 6.00pm

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The Bridgeway, Auckland

Friday 31 August, 1.45pm

Wednesday 5 September, 1.00pm

Friday 7 September, 8.00pm

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Globe Theatrette, Napier

Saturday 28 July, 6.00pm

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