cuori puri

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Director:  Roberto De Paolis

Length:  115 mins

Cast:  Selene Caramazza, Simone Liberati, Barbora Bobulova, Stefano Fresi, Edoardo Pesce

Genre:  Drama

Language:  In Italian with English subtitles


The Lavazza Italian Film Festival announced this film as the winner of the 2017 Bulgari Critics' Choice Award. The film was chosen unanimously by six jury members for its gritty social realism and breathtaking performances.

Premiering in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes earlier this year, director Roberto De Paolis brings a fresh new voice to Italian cinema. This story of a teenage girl about to take a vow of chastity and the rough-around-the-edges boy she meets, is set on the outskirts of Rome. Delicately handled, the film critiques the rise of evangelical fervour and the country's relationship to its the Roma population through the chemistry between magnetic leads Selene Caramazza and Simone Liberati.

Wide-eyed Agnese and streetwise Stefano are profoundly different. She is just seventeen and lives with her devout mother Marta (Barbora Bobulova, Black Souls). He is twenty-five, with a difficult past and who eyes the world with suspicion.

Their unlikely pairing draws out aspects of themselves they barely connected with before. For Agnese, her growth into womanhood means pushing away the crutch of the Church. When Stefano’s parents are evicted, he realises there’s little difference between himself and the Roma he instinctively denigrates. Both young people feel their precarious sense of stability slipping away; clinging to each other may be their only chance of survival.


WINNER Munich Film Festival, One Future Prize

Nominated Cannes Film Festival Camera D'or Award

Nominated Nastro Argento, Best New Director

Nominated Nastro Argento, Best Supporting Actress



The Screening Room, Masterton

Monday 13 August, 1.30pm

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The Bridgeway, Auckland
Sunday 2 September, 1.00pm

Friday 7 September, 1.00pm

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