Director:  Alessia Scarso

Cast:  Marco Bocci, Elena Radonicich, Barbara Tabita

Length:  104 mins

Genre:  Family

Language:  In Italian with English subtitles


We are happy in 2018 to provide a film for the entire family. to honour la famiglia we have chosen a film that adults and children can enjoy together. The film was inspired by the touching true story of a stray dog that captured the heart of Italy. The story of the mongrel named Italo, is set in the sublimely picturesque town of Scicli in Ragusa, and filmed in various Baroque towns in the surrounding area in southeast Cicily. The real Italo became a well-known member of the community, attending mass, funerals and weddings, eating pizza, observing religious festivals and even showing tourists around. Italo, became famous for saving a young girl from a mugging by bearing his teeth and chasing off the assailant. What makes the story even more wonderful if improvable, is the fact that this town had banned dogs from the streets. This story will entertain, make you laugh and inspire questions around empathy and what it truly means to act 'humanely'.




The Bridgeway, Auckland

Saturday 1 September, 2.00pm

Friday 7 September, 6.30pm

Sunday 9 September, 4.00pm

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