Daddy's girl


Director:  Guido Chiesa

Length:  100 mins

Cast:  Diego Abatantuono, Francesco Facchinetti, Andrea Pisani, Antonio Catania, Matilde Gioli, Marco Zingaro, Barbara Tabita, Uccio De Santis, Niccolo Senni, Francesco Di Raimondo

Genre:  Comedy

Language:  In Italian with English subtitles


Vincenzo is a successful entrepreneur in Milan. After becoming a widower and having had to look after his three children while running his business he suddenly comes to the realisation that his children, now in their twenties, are proving unfit for the realities of real life and especially unfit to receive their inheritances. His children, Andrea, Chiara and Matteo, live a life of luxury but without a clue about the responsibilities of earning a living. Vincenzo therefore goes to great lengths to give them a reality check by concocting a scheme that ultimately sends them to his family home in Puglia as fugitives running from the law. To survive, Chiara, Matteo and Andrea will have to start doing something they've never done before: work.

Italian megastar Diego Abatantuono has appeared in over 60 films in his long and successful career including Academy award-winner Mediterraneo (1991), I'm Not Scared (LIFF 2003), Happy Family (LIFF 2010) and last year’s comedy hit Soap Opera (LIFF 2015) and he is sure to entertain audiences again with this mischievous comedy.



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Tuesday 7 November, 6.45pm

Saturday 11 November, 4.30pm

Sunday 12 November, 4.30pm

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