Beata ignoranza


Director:  Massimiliano Bruno

Length:  102 mins

Cast:  Marco Giallini, Alessandro Gassman, Valeria Bilello, Caroline Crescentini, Teresa Romagnoli

Genre:  Comedy

Language:  In Italian with English subtitles


They’re back! The utterly dynamic duo who charmed the Festival in 2017 with God Willing, return as warring rivals once more, and this time it’s a war of modernity as a strict, old-fashioned teacher finds himself at odds with his cheerful young counterpart.

Ernesto (Marco Giallini) is a tech-phobic high school Italian teacher (he’s the proud owner of a Nokia from 1995), and this attitude is reflected in his relationship with his students – cut-off, distant and austere. Filipo (Alessandro Gassman) on the other hand is newly arrived, a cheerful, open-minded mathematics teacher who’s never not connected online. Highly social, he loves taking selfies with his students and encourages them to jump online whenever a question comes up they can’t answer.

Their enmity is not only due to their different teaching styles. The men have known each their whole lives, but when Ernesto and Filipo fell for the same woman, Marianna, their friendship was torn apart. When Marianna’s daughter turns up to their school, Ernesto will have to learn to connect and Filipo will have to learn to disconnect in order to build a relationship with her.




Academy Gold, Christchurch

Friday 15 June - 8.00pm

Monday 18 June - 8.00pm


Suter Gallery, Nelson

Saturday 16 June - 1.50pm

Wednesday 20 June - 8.15pm

Tuesday 26 June - 6.10pm