sei mai stata sulla luna?


Director:  Paolo Genovese

Length:  116 mins

Cast:  Raoul Bova, Liz Solari, Giulia Michelini, Emilio Sofrizzi, Pietro Sermonti, Sergio Rubini, Sabrina Impacciatore

Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Language:  In Italian with English subtitles


Renzo (Raoul Bova, Do You See Me?) is a down-to-earth farmer; charming, rational and practical. Working and living on a farm in the remote village of Apulia, he meets Guia (Liz Solari), an elegant journalist at a prestigious fashion magazine, who has travelled to see his farm, which she has just inherited. 

Guia drives a convertible, travels by private jet and lives between Milan and Paris. Now she finds herself hopelessly drawn into local town life and its carousel of unique characters, including Renzo the farmer, an avant-garde bartender, aspiring priest Pino, a Latin scholar and notary, a butcher also involved in real estate, Celestina the cow and many others.

Falling head-over-heels for Renzo, Guia realises the only thing that’s been missing from her life is true love. Caught between her high-flying job and the romance that has always evaded her, Guia is a step away from happiness but has no idea how to get there. This diverting romantic comedy, in Opening Night director Paolo Genovese’s capable hands, is a heart-warming ensemble piece featuring many of Italy’s finest actors.



  • Audience Award, Cinema Italy Miami 2015




The Empire, Wellington

Thursday 2 November - 7.00pm

Monday 6 November - 12.00pm

Friday 10 November - 12.00pm

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