Director:  Edoardo De Angelis

Length:  104mins

Genre:  Drama

Language:  In Italian with English subtitles

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Unfolding like a fairytale, Indivisibili is the story of eighteen year-old conjoined twins who entertain to support their family. The lives of the talented sisters are transformed into a novelty act; part religious, part superstitions. Myths grow around them. They are beautiful to look at and heavenly to listen to. But it is the intimate, human dimension of the girls' lives that are truly engaging. One dreams of independence and the other cannot imagine a life without her sister. when the possibility of separation is introduced, their entire world is thrown into turmoil. The story of Daisy and Viola is heartfelt, accessible and beguiling; transmitting a magical, often surreal atmosphere yet firmly grounded in Neapolitan universe. Here magic, the occult and corruption are indeed real. The young actors (Angela and Marianna Fontana) are real life identical twins. Their performances are extraordinary; for their nuanced characters, singing and authenticity. Music by Neapolitan legend Enzo Avitabile conveys an unmistakable sense of place. As a Neapolitan, this film is one of my favourites in this years selection.


Best Screenplay, Best Soundtrack - Nastro Argento Awards

Best Supporting Actress - David di Donatello Awards

Best Original Score - David di Donatello Awards

Best Costume Design - David di Donatello Awards

Best Film - Venice Film Festival



Academy Gold Cinemas, Christchurch

Friday 15 June   5:45pm

Suter Gallery, Nelson

Saturday 15 June    6:00pm

Tuesday 26 June    8.15pm

Wednesday 27 June   6.00pm

The Stuff Of Dreams (aka “La Stoffa Dei Sogni”) (2016) - Trailer from Amadeus Entertainment on Vimeo.