perfetti sconosciuti


Director:  Paolo Genovese

Length:  97mins

Genre:  Comedy Drama

Language:  Italian with English subtitles


"Let’s play a game then.
We’ll all put our phones on the table …"

Not just a box office hit but also a national phenomenon, Paolo Genovese’s latest dramedy has got the whole of Italy asking: How well do we really know those closest to us?

Fuelled by a fiendishly clever screenplay and an all-star cast, Perfect Strangers gathers a group of good friends around the dining table – three 30-something couples and a bachelor – where one suggests they make all SMSs and phone calls public across the course of the night. The reason: to prove they have nothing to hide.

What seems like an innocent experiment results in some eye-opening disclosures – even a swapping of phones in a desperate concealment attempt – that shows how performance dominates our public lives.

As Genovese says, “Smartphones have become a fundamental object, perhaps the only one that we always carry with us – our ‘black box’.” Never has the time been so ripe to offer such a cinematic take on a classic morality conundrum.


  • Best Film and Best Screenplay, David di Donatello Awards 2016
  • Silver Ribbon for Best Comedy and Special Silver Ribbon for Ensemble Cast, Nastro D’Argento Awards 2016
  • Best Screenplay, Tribeca Film Festival 2016




The Empire, Wellington

Saturday 4 November - 8.15pm

Thursday 9 November - 12.00pm

Sunday 12 November - 12.00pm

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